Desperation In Paradise (November 09, 2016)

A few thoughts regarding the Album 'Desperation in Paradise'

This new album by Tom Kelly’s Music Factory was published whithin a year since the launch of the last one. It turned out rather lyrical. In contrast to 'Dawn Till Dusk' it reveals pensive and melancholic sounds. The title tells its own tale and is to be understood literally.

The compositions and recordings were made between December 2015 and April 2016 – with the exception of 'The Last Dance of a Clown' which was recorded in October 2008 and is partly out of the sessions for the fourth album 'Pictures of Nature'.

'Dawn till Dusk' offered bright sounds, supposed to cheer you up – the musician’s very fierce intention. This all got different though in 'Desperation in Paradise':

„The signs of our time are not really positive and it makes me sad and angry to see the way human beings treat each other. It possibly never was any different but it seems to be high time to realize and change this fact. A dream, I know, but one that I had for many many years an that I won’t give up.“

There’s a thread through 'Turquoise (Into the Sea)', 'Wherever You Dream' and 'Spin Around' till 'Desperation In Paradise'. Sometimes loud, at other times somewhat restrained – but throughout it all there’s this melancholy, this thoughtfulness but also firm decisions that hang over certain issues like the sword of Damocles:

„In actual fact we live on a paradisiac planet – the only island in the universe known to us so far but nevertheless we keep on giving each other a hard time. 'Mistreated in Paradise' is the proper expression for it. The ‚Overture' into the year 2016 already wasn’t really encouraging."

All chosen titles are indications of the athmosphere of the tunes. Small hints about the direction, the thoughts and sentiments of the composer took during his creative phase:

„You can only talk about attempts – all else would be presumptuous even if the tunes had texts. Music is obviously a universal language which however has to be felt and understood in a subjective way. Therein lies part of our freedom.“

This music is made over endless wings, most beautiful streets, shining clouds and clowns performing for the very last time – and then gets lost in the universe of Edgar Alan Poe. No one needs to be led or hear the ever repeated phrases to understand – the music speaks for itself.

„This here coud be considered a message. But in the end it’s dubious whether words can transmit exactly what it means. Much more, I think that it’s the sensations and feelings that determine if it was just that. Therefore for me, music makes all the sense.“

This 9th album again is a real enjoyment. Maybe though you need a bit more patience and leisure for this one to feel the full impact of the 12 tunes. So we do hope that all listeners get a lot of joy hearing it.

P.S. 'Out of Trash (Bonus Track)' is an extract from the recording from July 2005.



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